2024 Languages Day 

Being able to converse in more than one language is a highly regarded skill. It can open doors into other cultures and communities and expand your knowledge of the world.

This free, interactive event offered by the Faculty of Arts, Social Sciences & Humanities is designed specifically for students studying languages in Years 9-11 in 2024. Participants will spend the day at UOW learning valuable skills from academic staff and students. The day includes fun and engaging activities which will invigorate their passion for languages, plus the opportunity to learn about languages degrees offered at UOW. 

Event Overview

Date: Friday 23rd February 2024

Location: University of Wollongong Campus, Building 67 (McKinnon)

Time: 9.00am-2.15pm

Who can attend? This event is suitable for students in Years 9-11 in 2024 who are enrolled in French, Italian, Japanese or Mandarin. 

Cost: This event is free, however schools are responsible for transporting students to/from campus.

Additional requirements:

  • Students must be accompanied by supervising teachers. Due to the nature of this event, we require one supervising teacher per language group. For instance, if a school is bringing some students studying French and some studying Japanese, there must be two supervising teachers to accompany each language group to their breakout activities.

Please read the Event Details page for further information about what to expect and to register.

*This event is subject to change based on the number of students attending from each language group. 

You can modify your registration at the link below. Please submit all attendee details no later than 10th February.